Hello all. Bonjour. Guten tag. Pryvitannie. Molo apho.

I’m Gabriel Gray, and I am working in the Education Department as an intern this summer with Valerie. Previous to my applying for this position, I had gained experience as a zoo guide volunteer at The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. During that opportunity, I was trained in knowledge about general animal information, animal protection and survival programs, endangered groups and families, and the individuals held in captivity. I am currently a student transferring to the University of Washington for a degree in physiology in the Biology Department. My specific interest is tailored towards animal physiology and the pathogenic materials that relate to them, whether they be chemical or biological. To elucidate, I would be a zoologist by trade with a sub-focus in zoological pathogens and cellular biology.

For this internship, I am hoping to learn more about professional decorum, science education skills, program genesis and management, and collaboration in a career setting. Also, Valerie should have support, because she is dope.

As for other experiences and hobbies, I participated for a 3-year time period as a student in stage technology, and I’m a major theater nerd as a result. Otherwise, I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading (barely anymore because of school), and watching dramatic TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy, Blacklist, etc.).