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Additive Manufacture

Archimedes Screw

Ships and Buoyancy

Bridges and Stress

Magnetic Compass

Energy and Catapults

Construction with Polyhedrons


Engineering: Launch

Hydraulic Systems

Simple Machines

Submarine Aircraft Carriers


Logic and Sequencing

Cribbage and the Navy

Ship Speak!

Morse Code: Dits and Dahs

Morse Code: Matching

Scavenger Hunt

Decoding Semaphore


Undersea Expedition

Word Search

Gasses and Liquids

Acids and Bases

Build a Rotocopter

Ballast and Buoyancy

Friction and Drag


Porthole to the Sea

Diving Bell Submariner

Filtration in the Water Cycle

Non-Newtonian Fluids

Fluid Dynamics: Viscosity

Naked Egg Osmosis

Ocean in a Bottle

Paper Rockets

Polymers: Making Slime

Water Cycle: Precipitation

Salinity, Density, Buoyancy

Desalinating Water

Submarines and Neutral Buoyancy

Surface Tension

Light and Sound

Reflecting Light Through Periscopes

Sound Waves

Sound Powered Telephones